Software Development And Customisation > Process > Requirements Phase
This phase is usually undertaken by conducting user interviews and studying the specifications provided by the user. The proposed system is documented in the System Requirement Specification (SRS) document and includes description of system requirements.
This document forms the basis for scope and functionality of proposed system. This is the reference document for all subsequent phases including the Acceptance Test Phase.

Entry Point:
Receipt of purchase order from the customer or acceptance of the “TO-BE” Business Process Model.


Examine the user requirements
Determine Context for study
Conduct user interviews
Examine the documents/specifications provided by the user
Prepare/modify Data Flow Diagrams (DFD)
Define controls
Define interfaces with other systems

2. Identify proposed system requirements
Define naming conventions
User interface requirements
Output and input requirements
Processing logic
Performance requirements
Security and back-up requirements
Interface requirements
Reliability/availability requirements
Installation/operational requirements
Portability requirements
Standard compliance

3. Prepare Data Flow Diagrams (DFD), Context Diagrams and Event list

4. Setup Data dictionary

5. Define input/output screens/formats

6. Prepare Acceptance Test Plan (ATP)
Define acceptance criteria
Outline acceptance strategy
Define acceptance test resource requirements
Functional and performance test

7. Walk-though with customer and Project Technical Review Team (PTRT; PTRT is an internal technical evaluation team of ADROITEC which takes an independent look at the deliverables generated by the project team)

8. Review and finalize SRS


1. SRS document
2. ATP document

Check Point:

1. Software Requirement Review (SRR) with Project Technical Review Team (PTRT)
2. Walk-through/Review of SRS and ATP with customer and obtain approval.

Exit point:

Approval of SRS and ATP by customer.