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1. A Web Based Navigation System
This is software developed on top of Autodesk Map Guide, wherein the was to deploy a live map of Delhi with data attributes on the intranet. These data along with the graphical maps would be available to all who have access to the Intranet of the city corporation. Using this Map based system a user would be able to calculate distance between one location to another, find out various locations based on different queries he/she puts forth, navigate through the entire city, etc. The technology used besides Autodesk Mapguide was Cold Fusion and Java. While Cold Fusion was the scripting language used to develop the front end of this system, Java was the middle tier which was on top of the Autodesk Mapguide and which enabled cold fusion scripts to communicate with Autodesk Mapguide server. The backend used in this case was Oracle 8i.

2. A Web Based Corporate Information System
This is an Intranet based application which again houses a suite of various different applications. The objective of designing and developing this application was to provide an organization with a corporate intranet where in all their users and some of their customers as well would be able access relevant information and knowledge base. This application has interfaces and seamless integration with other departments including marketing and sales, Corporate IT, Human Resource or Personnel, Finance, etc. The development of this application suite has been done in CFML and ASP for the front end (some applications ASP, some CFML), Java in the middle layer and Oracle 8i as the back end.

This is application software was developed on top of AutoCAD MAP with Visual Basic as the front end and Oracle 8i as the back end. This software has been designed and developed keeping in mind the Telecom companies involved in distributing telephone connectivity to users. This software functionality was to monitor the telephone network and to trace out the faults from feeds at the telephone exchange. The development of this software involved a team of 6 VB/ VBA /Visual Lisp developers, 2 persons to work on Autocad MAP software, 1 DBA/Oracle Programmer for doing the backend work