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After the SRS has been approved, ADROITEC team starts work on the design and produces external and internal specifications. Also, the test plan for integration and system tests are produced. At the end of this phase, the program design is complete and program specifications are ready.

 Entry Point:

Approval of SRS and ATP by the customer.


1. Define naming conventions and standard compliance

2. Develop system architecture specifications

Define modules and components
Define boundaries and interfaces
Detailed data flow diagrams
State transition diagrams (if required)
Data structure design
Structure charts

3. Develop External Interface Specification

Human-computer interface design

4. Develop detailed design specifications

Identification of modules, components and units
Physical design of data structures
Design inter-program flow
Data dictionary
Detailed algorithm for processing
Adaptations for identified reusable code
Initialization procedures
Exception handling

5. Design System and Integration test

Design test cases and test procedures for integration and system testing
Design test data or receive test data from customer
Prepare draft user manual
Prepare Software Design Document (SDD) Document
Walk-through of SDD with PTRT


1. SDD document
2. Test document

Check Point:

1. Design review by PTRT
2. Review and approval of user interface by the customer
3. Review of the test plans by the PTRT

Exit Point:

Acceptance of SDD and Test Document by ADROITEC’s Quality Assurance Group (QAG)