Software Development And Customisation > Process > Installation and Check-Out

During this phase, the customer installs the system for acceptance testing. As part of acceptance test, the customer uses real data. ADROITEC team assists the customer during this phase. User training is also conducted during this phase.

Entry Point:

Completion of customer acceptance by the QAG.


1. Prepare for acceptance test
Install software
Initialize data structures

2. Assist customer to conduct acceptance test
3. Evaluate test results
4. Get approval on acceptance test
5. Revise and finalize all documentation
6. Register all deliverables for configuration management
7. Replicate the software at other customer locations
8. User training


1. Accepted system by the customer
2. Acceptance test results

Check Point:

Physical audit by configuration management

Exit Point:

Acceptance of system by customer and physical audit certificate.