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Adroitec believes that Quality Assurance is very important for customer delight and satisfaction. Quality assurance is a management responsibility and is continuous throughout the project. Adroitec’s quality assurance ensures quality of all the deliverables to the customer, which results in customer delight.

Adroitec understands and believes in software quality assurance. Adroitec has well defined Software Quality Assurance Organisation.

At Adroitec each Project, irrespective of its quantum has the quality assurance team. It consists of people from various groups as depicted in the diagram.

QAG (Quality Assurance Group): This group is responsible for ensuring that each deliverable meets the agreed standards for the project. For example, all the documents should follow the format and the code should be documented properly and should follow the coding standards defined. This group also ensures that all the suggestions given by various review teams are properly incorporated.

PTRT (Project Technical Review Team): This group ensures the technical solution devised by the Project Team. It is an independent team of technical people who are not part of the team but understand the technology completely. A solution has to be approved by PTRT before it goes to the coding stage. This is applicable only for the more involved and complex problems, which are related to choice of a specific hardware or software platform, or performance related issues.

Project Team: This team is involved in peer level walk through sessions.

Business Analysts: Business Analysts are domain experts available within Adroitec. These people understand the application completely and in a way represent the customer at Adroitec. Generally, these people would have been involved in the SRS process and understand the customer process.

External Consultants, if required: These are business analysts who are not Adroitec’s employees.