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Adroitec provides turnkey AM solutions on electric and water supply, gas, telecommunication networking (including cellular networking), transport network/Alternate Route Alignment; Landuse development, planning etc.

The other GIS Applications includes Facility Management (FM) i.e. support, plan, update and display of civic facilities (sewer, water, electricity/telephone cables, hospitals, roads, parks, schools, other public utilities including locations & police / Fire stations etc.), Land parcel boundaries, inventory of public / Govt. owned property; transportation / route planning etc. with the generous use of DGPS (GPS in differential) many of such FM utilities can be a base for precision surveys.

In a Need Based GIS implementations and designing for AM/FM applications, Adroitec has played a pivotal part in delivering Turnkey Solutions to various users.

Adroitec specialise in providing Turnkey-solutions on

AS-BUILT GIS databases for OIL/GAS pipelines
Real Time Differential GPS database integration
Large scale mapping (RS based) and integration of Non-spatial databases
Interactive VR WALKTHROUGH for Route alignments
Telecom System: complete record of Textual and graphical layouts
Drainage / Road Network
Layouts: HPTL & Electricity Networks
VHR RS 3D Maps.

Our approach for AM/FM Data Models

Collection of Objects, with their methods and properties
Set of facilities/land features to be managed
Behaviorial response
Development of Query Shells
Utility Specific Tools
Tracing –based queries for Oil/Gas/Telco/ electric
Defining productivity templates
Load Flow Analyses
Backbone support for SCADA
GUI based report generation for Oil/Gas/Pipeline Route analyses


In view of rising demands for a Need based GIS solution for TELECOM Industry, we have developed our In-house Windows based solution aptly named :HOPETEL. This robust GIS solution is capable of

Planning, installation, operational and maintenance activities
Generating hotlink between spatial & non-spatial data
Online fault location
Customer care support system
Optimum routing and distance calculation
Area transfer of subscriber from one zone to other
Generate bill of material, planning for layouts
Support various planning operations and maintenance tools
Integration of land based information
GUI based report generation