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One of the biggest electricity boards in India is using Adroitec's GIS to optimize its network & distribution. One of the largest Telecom Service Providers in Germany has integrated Adroitec's GIS with its Customer Care, Network Quality & Point of Sale Systems. Land records agencies and municipalities are using this technology for better and more organised management of their functions. All this had been implemented by our GIS consulting staff who can guide you towards solutions that are flexible and cost effective.

Adroitec's GIS has been used to solve problems like how to manage utility more effectively, how to develop electrical/ telecom network that will track each customer points, how to manage resources, how the supply chain management will be more effective, etc.

Adroitec GIS can provide you with powerful information—not just how things are, but how they will be in the future based on changes you apply. With Adroitec's GIS you can model and map the world for better decision-making.

Our key competency areas are

Large scale Spatial Data conversions from existing source/updation (Raster to
Real to Ground Network layout/analyses for various features.
Integration of GPS Data into live GIS data for FM and planning.
Designing Query forms (AML) with user friendly GUI.
Interface design with other systems
Call centre Management
Workflow Management
Analyses and customization of databases in RDBMS
Need Assessment and System Integration
SSPM Modelling for Resource Targetting and Management

Application Areas (scale independent)

Seamless mosaic Urban Maps (upto 1:3400)
Risk assessment and buffer analyses.
Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM’s)
Route Alignments
Volume calculations
Slope maps
Line of sight/visibility/ cross-section profiles
Resource Utility Maps
EIA & EP Maps
Thematic Map Production & Graphical layouts.

Adroitec has expertise in developing and delivering following GIS Applications

Utility Management (Power, Telecom, Gas, Sewage, etc.)
Natural Resource Management (Forestry, Minerals, Water, etc.)
Transportation Management (Rail, Road, Air, Waterways)
Planning (Urban & Housing, Environmental, Change detection etc.)
Crisis Management (Disaster, early warning, etc.)
Agriculture and irrigation
Location based services (Retail, distribution, etc)

Adroitec uses 10-stage process for successfully deploying GIS:

1. Strategic purpose consideration.
2. Panning.
3. Determine technology requirements.
4. Determine the end products.
5. Define the system scope.
6. Create a data design.
7. Choose a data model.
8. Determine system requirements.
9. Analyze benefits and costs.
10. Make an implementation plan.