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2D CAD Conversion
Adroitec has huge experience of Conversion of the archival paper drawing to digitised CAD drawing in .dwg, .dgn or any other formats as per clients’ requirement.

Should the drawing be relatively old or hand sketch, our team is capable to use Image Processing tools to clean the speckles, remove the dark patches or the fold in the drawings thus enables us to provide you high quality clean drawings to complete your process.

2D TO 3D Conversion
Many customers are realising the benefit of 3D modeling for assembly simulation, performance analysis, manufacturing, preparing jigs & fixture for testing, developing O&M manual, etc. Most of the engineering data is available in 2D Drawings.

Adroitec is expert in converting the legacy 2D data to 3D model, our team is equipped with multiple CAD platform to provide the 3D model in the desired CAD software like CATIA V4, CATIA V5, ProE, Inventor, SolidEdge, IDEA, IronCAD, etc.

3D TO 2D Detailing
Most manufacturing companies are using the 3D Modeling for Design of Parts, doing the strength analysis, Assembly modeling, simulation of the behaviour, manufacturing and many other applications. These 3D models need to be detailed for manufacturing process.

Adroitec provide CAD services to do 'Detailed Engineering' conforming to various manufacturing standards like First Angle or Third Angle drawings and standards like DIN, ASC, IS Standard, etc.