Virtual Construction Training
Virtual Construction Technology

Virtual Construction Technology allows you to “build the project twice” once virtually and second actually. Adroitec-AEC Division is offering the new age Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) services using 5D virtual construction technology comprising developing 3D BIM engineering model, detailing and construction drawings, generating model based quantities, linking project schedule with construction model to get 4D simulation, generation of phase wise requirement of materials & cash flow for the project from start to finish through 5D simulation, thus facilitating easy project monitoring, control and audit of cost and time. These services have revolutionized the building design and construction industry in developed countries and have helped many architects, owners, operators and construction firms across the world in improving quality and saving project implementation time and cost.

Over the last four years we have executed 200+ international & 30+ domestic assignments, on virtual construction platform, many of these from repeat clients, as they have been satisfied & benefited immensely from our services.