3D Printers....Higher End, Mid End, Low End including all the leading variants available in the market to suit customerís requirements.

 3D Scanners....Higher End, Mid End, Low End that can suits on every level & aspects of Engineering and Prototyping.

 RXP CAD Software....Higher end CAD software that provides assistance to Scan, View, Manipulate the CAD models and get it print at real time product.

 Technical Assistance......Highly capable Team loaded with all the concepts of Doís and Dontís of the 3D Printing and 3D Scanning.

 3D Printers Parts and components and Accessories....Making all the sub parts and accessories of printers which is hard available in local indian market, directly to customer door steps.


Mr Manoj Jain (CEO)

 4D Digital Simulations ( A Unit of Adroitec Information Systems Pvt Ltd. )

 Contact Info : manoj.jain@adroitecinfo.com

  Mr Vinod Pandey (Application Sales Manager)

 4D Digital Simulations  ( A Unit of Adroitec Information Systems Pvt Ltd)

 Contact Info :vinod.pandey@adroitecinfo.com   Mobile  : +91 - 9990724402